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PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:59 pm    Post subject: Patch Reply with quote

this is a major content patch with limited testing performed on the development end therefore it is not marked as stable, i wont know stability levels til a few days after its live.

added a dock editor and docks can now be added to the game

dock level, rune, and cost are now editable

added the barrier editor

added new barrier types : Class, Race, and Level

added the lair editor

added a rune editor and runes can now be added to the game

runes now have level requirements, and level locks to prevent players
from progressing without gaining the next rune

disabled the terrain editor until i can find out what is making it dupe query and crash the server

enabled player saving

enabled player auto saving

added a top ten player ranking system, this is viewed by hitting 'T' from the game menu and updates whenever a player exits the game.

Added the ability to resurrect your character.

resurrection credit charging can now be forced on non credit exempt users.

the amount of experience lost when dying is now sysop configurable

added a player status bar so they can see HP,MA,progress % like this:
[HP:42/57 MA:3/12 Progress: 14%]

you can now give items to other players

you can now give gold to other players

you can now drop items on the ground

you can now drop gold on the ground

you can now pick up items off the ground

you can now pick up gold from the ground

player carried gold is no longer counted against their weight carried, instead there is a sysop configurable variable on how much gold a player
can carry at a time from 1,000 - 65,535

drop all and get all were disable due to a crash problem, i will resolve this later

players can now equip and unequip items

usable items can now be used

magical weapons now can do AOE damage and have their damage go
up per user level

experience lost on teleportation items is now sysop configurable and can even be disabled

you can now eat and drink items

food and drinking items now have uses on them

added a restore drained stats potion type

added potion types to boost all stats, mental, physical, or individual

added armor boost potions

potions that have the same effect as spells have reduced effects and counters to keep the spell the strongest method

max stat values have been added per promotion value.

double promo: 50 single promo: 30 non promo: 30

temple donations now have an increased boost chance based on the amount in increments of 100, 101-500, and 501-1000
they can also push stats beyond the max cap by +1 +3 or +5
so a double promoted warrior who donates 1,000 gold has a chance to have a max stat increase of 55 rather than the capped value of 50

double promotion is active with the following class names:

Celestial Magus
Grand Druid
Elite Archer

added 'help items' and all commands from that help listing are active

2 new classes have had hooks put in the code but are unavailable for now but may be seen by certain options, they are Mystic and Monk.
these will not be available til the 2nd major release.

this patch goes active in a few hours with all databases being wiped within the next few days to begin the public beta testing phase.
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