ICO2 Mods

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ICO2 Mods

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The following modifications have been implemented into internet connectivity option mod for worldgroup 2.0:

telnet daemon now has a configurable port option

rlogin daemon now has a configurable port option

rlogin client option added to supply the port to connect to on the remote host
rlogin client option added to supply external program to enter if remote host is a synchronet rlogin server
rlogin client option added to set tag name if the remote host is a door-party connector server

smtp sender option added to be able to authenticate with the smarthost

in any of the above addons ignore any reference to GALDMA even if you see the options as it is all disabled until future public

if you can think of anything you would love to see added please feel free to let me know, once the DMA system is completed we will be able to enter addon modules from the web interface using a java applet and interact with all the users that are connected to the terminal servers. All my ico mods are currently available for Worldgroup 2.0, Worldgroup 3.xx, and if i ever get my hands on the ico1 source The Major BBs 6.25

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