Packet Driver XP

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Packet Driver XP

Post by Milton »

Daniel D. Lanciani of Gloucester, MA passed away suddenly at his home on February 19, 2012.
I'm Sad Today, was messing around with my Packet Driver for NT XP he created.

Google him to see if any newer versions where out and found out he is gone forever.

Tinkering with this driver years ago trying to get my old WG 1 in a VM running XP
Made a Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk using netboot65 and Use SwsVpkt or Ndis3pkt Packet Driver. It was working....

Ndis3pkt for NT consists of an NT kernel driver (ndis3pkt.sys), a VDD
(ndis3vdd.dll), and a real-mode stub driver ( Together,
these components provide a packet driver interface on top of NDIS version
3.0 or greater allowing packet driver applications to be used with
Windows/NT. An informational program, ndisinfo.exe, lists bindings
that can be accessed from the packet driver interface.
I Paid the $25.00 for a Register version v3.3. My IDENT file Date: 10-11-2011
unfortunately since he died we can not support him for his work anymore.
Because of the copyright on it, it's not freeware.
NDIS3PKT for NT 3.3 (c) Copyright Daniel D. Lanciani 1994-2007
All rights reserved.

Anyhow, If anyone finds a better way to run the old WG systems in a VM Machine PM or Respond here.
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Re: Packet Driver XP

Post by Duckula »

Really? Sad to hear he passed away - that was a great packet driver used by many.
-- Duckula

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