Parasalm Realms

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Parasalm Realms

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so as many of you know i began writing my own "Mutants" type game about 6 months ago. i modeled it after Mutants and Kylon's world (which too was modeled after mutants but was a bbs door game) i went with the same model where you are in a labyrinth type map with levels. i created 4 classes and the map was 25 levels complete with the same type of setup. but then a few other ideas kept coming and going so i suspended development (will pick it up and finish it later on) and i decided i wanted a game with the same mutants type idea but i wanted it more open world with wilderness then i went a few steps further and what i came up with is a unique mud called "The Parasalm Realms" the world is divided into 5 regions.... the Kingdom, The Swamps, The Magma Lakes, The Grasslands, and The Snowy Mountains" The kingdom is where you start which is a large town filled with shops and a palace. you cannot enter the palace until level 25 though so that leaves the other regions. Each region has a health draining factor ie Swamps=Poison, Magma=Heat, Snowy=Arctic, and Grasslands=Lightning this health drain effect is similiar to the ion draining in Mutants where you have to combat it with either magical items, potions, or dismantling items. There are also 5 characters you can have, like mutants but with a twist.

Dwarf Warrior - this class can wield any weapon and wear any armor.
Elf Mage - this class can wield staves and wear robes but can cast powerful fire magics.
Skaven Thief - this class can wield daggers and wear leather armor and receives thieving abilities.
Gnome Priest - this class can wield blunt weapons and wear unrestrictive armors and can cure/heal/revive.
Human Monk - this class can only fight hand-to-hand and wear padded armor.

also each one receives a unique skill every 5 levels and upon reaching level 25 they get a power ability.
just like in mutants if they die they have to wait til tomorrow unless they are revived.
To gain access to the palace something has to be done in each of the 4 regions.
Once inside the palace, level cap expands to 50 and you can only gain exp inside the palace which has 25 levels.
Upon eaching level 25 you fight the end boss.

Still a work in progress but so far i am liking it it has the mutants fun mixed with a mud.
when in any of the 4 regions you walk around in an open world and when in the palace you go up and down numbered levels.
Players can also operate shops, and even operate an auction house (still in early early beta) also the monsters
when in the palace operate like mutants but when outside they operate a little differently.

The "ion-drain" effect is implemented but i am still working on a recovery method. Again it is still quite early but i think a new game
is exactly what we need. Down side is this only works right now under WNT since it is using my sqlite api but with that said i am not
ruling out a MBBS releqase if it becomes warranted, so far seems alot of sysops are shying away from it.

with the completions of my Tele-Arena Engines i wanted to see some new IP and The Parasalm Realms and The Arcadian Labyrinth are 2 new games i got coming.

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Re: Parasalm Realms

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Thanks Dan for your contributions!
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