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Re: Hostdeny.txt

Post by Questman »

Duplicate IP Control allows you to ban IP addresses.
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Re: Hostdeny.txt

Post by Domasi »

Hey everyone,

I am having to go from WG4 to WG 3.2 and everything is going smoothly except for the hostdeny section. I use masks to block IP access from script kiddies and I can not anymore since support for that comes in 3.3

I looked Dup IP and it is a nice tool I want to have running, but most of these folks only use one connection when trying their standard list of usernames to attempt to log in.

Any suggestions or if someone has a hostdeny list I can get from them with a good enough list to prevent most of these folks I would be greatly appreciative.

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Re: Hostdeny.txt

Post by Duckula »

DialSoft Control module did a lot of that, including killwords (for example kill a connect if someone types root or admin). We are working on porting that to the latest compiler and then it will be included in MBBS v10.

I don't have a timeline as while we have it running, there are some bugs causing data file corruption but we are working on it.
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