MBBS v10 Beta R32 released

Announcements on The Major BBS v10
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MBBS v10 Beta R32 released

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Hi All,

MBBS v10 R32 is available for download with the following changes:

- Fixed possible overflow when validating forum names
- Fixed bug with forum names being forced to uppercase
- Included DialSoft CONTROL in new installation*
- Included DialSoft FU Globals in new installation*
- Update WGSMENU2.DAT to include DialSoft Modules in a Utility menu*

Note: * is for new full installations only, not upgrades. Existing v10 systems can download CONTROL and FU Globals seperately.

The upgrade and full installer can be found at: www.themajorbbs.com/files
-- Duckula

// Site admin
// Galacticomm IP owner

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