Up and running

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Up and running

Post by RebornGamer »

Still haven't configured so I can telnet into from another computer. Just playing around with it right now before I get TA or some other doors if I can find them.

Thank you all for putting up with my newb questions and being a big help.

This brings back great memories. All I need now is a modem handshake when it connects. Honestly, I miss that sound....

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Re: Up and running

Post by Duckula »

Nice work - enjoy!

Surely there is an MP3 file out there somewhere to simulate dial-up? :-)
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Re: Up and running

Post by BadOPCode »

Hate to disappoint... In the com room where I worked for an ISP that ran Major BBS (1995) the modems were all silenced. To get an accurate replication of the feel of a small NOC room you could lock yourself up in a small room with your computers and turn on a hair dryer. Don't forget to crank your AC to 65! :D But I will say all the blinking lights was euphoric.

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