Update #9

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Update #9

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Hi All,

Time for another update on what has been happening with the project and wider MBBS/WG community.

- A new GitHub site has been setup to house our open source projects. The first addition is the GHost/2 door server which is being developed by BadOPCode based on the initial work of Rick Parrish's GameSrv product. Currently the project is in a very early Alpha stage however it will be updated regularly. Some of the key features are:
-- Highly configurable environments that can be specified to each individual door
-- Provide users direct access to DOS/Windows/*nix Doors from your Major BBS/WG Menus using the Rlogin client
-- Multiple platforms allowing 16-bit DOS Doors with or without fossil driver support using NTVDM or DOSBox, the ability to run *nix doors, and native Windows doors (32-bit or 64-bit)
-- Restrict access to Doors based on MBBS/WG User-ID
(If you wish to help out, you can visit the repository at: www.github.com/themajorbbs/ghost2)

- The folks at Elwynor have been busy securing source code previously thought to be lost and will also be contributing to the GitHub site

- Dan Spain is continuing his development work with several new modules

- BlaZ is working on creating a new Setup/Installer program for The Major BBS v10

- Gangrif is helping with updating existing MSG files to re-brand from Worldgroup to The Major BBS

- We hope to have a closed beta of The Major BBS v10 out in the next few months followed by an open beta

As always, if you are are developer who would like to help us, please PM me.

Thanks very much to all those involved - your work for the community is greatly appreciated.
-- Duckula

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