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Tele-Arena Platinum 2.2 Alpha

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So Tele-Arena Platinum versions 1.0 opened the door, 1.2 expanded the game, 2.0 reworked everything and 2.2 is the Balancing act to act as the RC alpha.
This is where i will be bringing on anyone willing to help out with non code-related issues. Balance, testing, valuable input, and anything else you want to offer.
I am seeking about 3 individuals, you will have 1 account that will receive an individual-edit key which allows you to edit yourself as well as have access to a plethora
of other commands to aid in testing skills, area balancing, etc... You do not have to be a tele-arena vet though you are encouraged.
Once Platinum is finished we will carry over to Warfare then Reborn. You will be named in the credits as a design assitant / playtester.
If interested inbox me then create an account on and those 2 accounts will be keyed.
when developing it is hard to see other things such as imbalances and such so a few helping out will alleviate that stress and allow me to stay coding.

Version 2.2 is my biggest expansion yet with 12 classes, 12 races, over 40 areas, rune availability all the way to Gold as well as other systems such as random pvp battleground events, random invasion events, capture the flag pvp events, complete guild system with guild housing, 4 promotions then once you reach the 4th promotion the ability to enable paragon leveling to allow your health/stats/mana to grow to enjoy newly added areas for end-game experiences, full wow-like boss events and questing for special items, and a whole lot more.

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