Worldgroup 2.0 ICO Tester Needed

Request help / support from others for MBBS/WG for DOS
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Worldgroup 2.0 ICO Tester Needed

Post by daniel_spain »

looking for any sysops running wg 2.0 to test the following:

GALICO Rlogin Daemon
GALICO Rlogin Client
GALICO Telnet Daemon

until i finish my move and get the legacy systems back online i can write this stuff all day
but no way to test it.... once i finalize my move (probably aftere the holidays) i will have
an entire building in the backyard dedicated to nothing but the bbs stuff so all my demo
test and live systems will be online but until then i'm limited.

What i am looking for in a tester is not just someone to confirm it is "working as expected"
but to really help mold it into a true major tcp/ip replacement. I had to build the rlogin client
from scratch since ico 1/2 never had one but i used the wg 3.0 dos source code and while it
may look like it is running fine from my end it needs live testing to confirm it.

Right now the rlogin/telnet daemons are ready to go and i anticipate the rlogin client within the next few days.

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