Announcements on The Major BBS v10
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As mentioned in Update #1 a series of polls is being created to get feedback on the project's future direction. A big part of that will be hearing from current sysops as to how and for what they use their systems.

When Worldgroup was initially released all those years ago it was in the midst of everyone scrambling to figure out what the internet era will look like. Many of the features of Worldgroup are because of this, but are they relevant today?

For example, the client/server module - does anyone actually use it? Do users connect to your systems this way? I suspect for most, no. But thats what the polls are to help find out!

Based on the poll results, it is likely that features may be removed from The Major BBS v10 if they are no longer useful. The client/server module is only one example and there are others such as ActiveHTML, etc.

Sysops using these features need not panic, no decisions have been made about what will happen yet. This will be the whole point of the polls.

So i encourage you all to get involved and provide feedback to help us make The Major BBS v10 the best it can be!

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