30+ Years Later: Quest of the Alchemists!

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30+ Years Later: Quest of the Alchemists!

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Elwynor Technologies is proud to announce that Quest of the Alchemists has been ported from the old v5.0 era to Worldgroup 3.2! This predecessor to ALCHEMY II and successor to QUEST FOR MAGIC is now online for beta test on bbs.elwynor.com


...You wake up groggily, your every bone and muscle aching and your vision
slightly blurry. The back of your head throbbs with pain as you quickly try
to recall anything -- who you are? The name %s comes to mind suddenly. You
try reaching back to what happened and seem to remember something about being
ambushed by a group of orcs (ugly, evil creatures) while travelling to visit
the king of the land. What horrible tortures you might have endured with the
orcs seems to have slipped from memory...luckily.

Glancing around, you notice your surroundings -- a damp, dark dungeon which
smells of rotting flesh...and other unspeakable odors. In your hands you see
a small piece of parchment, grimy and wrinkled. As you examine it closely,
you read: Deliver to the depths of my dungeon... -- Avagadro. Suddenly the
note bursts into flame and a loud voice booms out: You have met your fate,
%s! The voice then cackles so terrifyingly that it sends chills down your
spine. As the cackling fades away, you once again look around and examine
your surroundings...


Quest of the Alchemists is a multi-player adventure game in which many players
can interact in the same simulated universe at the same time.

Quest of the Alchemists takes place in the swords-and-sorcery fantasy world
of Peyennuu, the mythical land which was the setting for QUEST FOR MAGIC and
the successor game Alchemy II: The Hangover.

The game scenario takes place on the magical world of Peyennuu, deep within
the Dungeons of Avagadro, a powerful, evil alchemist who seeks control of all
magic. Through experience and interaction, you will master the mystical
secrets of alchemy and thwart the wicked plans of Avagadro. Aided by your
fellow adventurers, Kyrannalussi (Goddess of Peyennuu, Lady of the Virtues),
and your own wit and creativity, you shall solve many puzzles and escape the
captivity of the Dungeon of Avagadro. Potions and other magic items will be
helpful tools in the completion of your quest. Best of luck...


Quest of the Alchemists is an on-line RPG (Role-Playing Game), where you, and
up to 254 other users, can take on the "role" of an imaginary character within
the context of the fantasy world of Peyennuu. It is similiar in nature to the
popular TSR, Inc. game of "Dungeons & Dragons", except the computer acts as an
"automated Dungeon Master". Game play is similiar to that of Zork, or any
other text adventure, but with a key difference -- many people can
simultaneously be interacting, in real-time, in the same simulated universe.


Quest of the Alchemists was one of a series of 7 text-based adventure RPGs
written by Scott Brinker. It was the direct predecessor of Alchemy II: The
Hangover and set in the same world as Quest for Magic. Quest of the Alchemists
was written in September 1987. It was sold by Moonshae Telecomm (later called
Galactic Innovations, and later acquired by Galacticomm). It was never sold
under the Galactic Innovations TPD name, nor by Galacticomm.

It was acquired by Elwynor Technologies in 2005 and ported to v6.25. It was
ported to Worldgroup 3.2 in 2021. This is the first time this game has been
made available in 30 years!
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