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Tele-Arena II and MBBS10

Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2022 1:38 am
by daniel_spain
with the removal of GCS from major bbs 10 this will render TA2 useless and can cause crashes if you try to run it terminal only
because it still uses alot of transportation engines and backflow processing through the client portion. i am working on a workaround
by detecting the version and disabling some flows internally.

On another note since the stock ta2 world is so small i have been able to rebuild 1500/3096 rooms from TA1 and build client files for it
and have it running very smooth. struggling on creating my own BMP/MIDI files for new rooms since it is such an old techy but
i anticipate i can have the full ta1 world playable soon through the ansi client.