MBBS/WG/WG2 Packet Drivers for VMs

Request help / support from others for MBBS/WG for DOS
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MBBS/WG/WG2 Packet Drivers for VMs

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1) First off you need to get connectivity to the Internet.
VirtualBox and VMware Both Use Virtual AMD NIC Cards by default.
Make sure your Bridged with your Host NIC in your VM Network Settings
Also make sure your sharing your Host NIC with other computers on your network
Right Click on your LAN Icon and check the box for sharing.
2) Download FD13-LiveCD.zip ISO
Install Full Package and Boot your DOS VM
Install FDIMPLES networking packages for dos: http://up.lod.bz/FDIMPLES
Download NICSCAN and you will see : http://www.georgpotthast.de/sioux/packet.htm
NICSCAN will help you to determine which packet driver you need for your PC.
3) Put PCNTPK Packet Driver in your AUTOEXEC.BAT Example: PCNTPK INT=0x60

Hope this helps other sysops revive their BBS.
Stay Posted for Updates Here. It's work in progress even for myself.

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