Typo in FU Globals Command Key

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Frank Dux
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Typo in FU Globals Command Key

Post by Frank Dux »

Running v10 through its paces, I dug into the FU Globals online CNF options and noted that one has a typo - #52

To view, do the following:
1. Enter FU Globals Config through your normal means (whatever that is)
2. Press C (for Commands)
3. Press V (For View Command)
4. Enter 52 (and hit return)
5. Note line #4 - reads "SYSPO" instead of "SYSOP"

In theory, there's no harm since the Sysop will typically have access through the Master Key anyway - but it is still a typo.

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Re: Typo in FU Globals Command Key

Post by Duckula »

Thanks for reporting this, I will add it to the bug list.
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