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Re: Not sure where this should go?

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Questman wrote:
> One thing - if you still have those old bad hard drives, they're not
> unrecoverable. Bad control arms are common. Usually the media - the disk
> platters - are just fine and can be transferred to a new platter in a clean
> room by a recovery company. Still have them ?

I do indeed still keep them. I am a data packrat. I used to do data recovery professionally at one point years ago. I've had success in restoring drives with bad arms int he past. Typically I would locate the exact model hard drive and in a clean environment swap out the placards. Might get a couple good reads from it, but usually enough to copy off what you need. I did attempt that in this case, but I believe that whatever happened when it went bad likely resulted in some major data corruption.

I had done a complete data scrape and download of Forums HQ, mudcentral, orion's majormud spot and a few other places years ago for my own personal entertainment and use as well as to have a backup of some of the info there as things started to go away. I definitely had a LOT of time on my hands back then LOL. Will have to put some of my old drives out from my safe and maybe try again at some restoration. There was a lot of content lost from those years.

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