The Arcadian Labyrinth

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The Arcadian Labyrinth

Post by daniel_spain »

You have been thrown into a labyrinthian dungeon filled with monsters and a soul draining magic that requires ions to live.
The goal is to start on level 1 and move your way up to level 25 so you can escape the labyrinth into the castle dungeon and battle those 4 elite levels to gain access to the boss level.....

in a nutshell it is a take on Mutants b y using the same concept but not copying pound for pound as we must give major ware their respect.
It took them over a year to write mutants and I do not want to take anything away from that so I am creating a like-minded module with my own spin on it.

You get to pick 1 of 4 classes to run at a time, there is 25 max experience levels and each level you go up the monsters on that level are that level with a deadly modifier if you get too far above your level so travel carefully,

Warriors can use any weapon in the game and wear any armor an d if they do nit have a weapon they can use any item they find as a weapon for bonus damage, they gain a special CHARGE ability that can be used to charge a target in an adjoining room and deal heavy damage.

Mystics can wield only staves and wear only cloth armor but learn spells every 5 levels.... ice magic deals damage to single foes and fire magic deals damage to all foes in the room plus they can use magical rods and wands to discharge damage at foes in adjoining rooms, they also have a special ability called BLINK which allows them to blink through a room without detection.

Rogues can wield any one-handed weapon and wear any cloth or leather armor and can perform stealth actions such as sneaking around undetected and picking the pockets of their foes, they also have a special BACKSTAB ability which allows them to sneak up on a foe and deal tremendous damage with a slight chance that improves with level to deal a killing blow on any non elite foes.

Clerics can wield any blunt weapon and can wear any cloth, leather, or flexible metallic armor and can also use defensive shields as well as gain light combat and/or healing spells every 5 levels. they have 2 special abilities, MYSTIFY which ionizes all items on the ground into an ion-bearing mist that heals all allies and damages all foes, and BASH which allows them to use their shield as a weapon.

just like mutants you walk around and combat monsters to gain levels as well as ions and collect copper coins. as you increase in level you can go higher up and fight bigger enemies. every 5th level going up is a boss which drops special equipment.

So since mutants is no longer in active development please feel free to post here any suggestions you wanna throw in to keep the game fun and keep it moving forward.

I already have a small test build running on a major bbs 6.25 system and I will have an online test system soon yo test stability and will allow a few systems to run a beta when we get to that point.

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Re: The Arcadian Labyrinth

Post by Questman »

Nice! More modules!
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Re: The Arcadian Labyrinth

Post by Frank Dux »

Keen to watch the development unfold on this project.

I trust this will be the post to view future progress on it.

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Re: The Arcadian Labyrinth

Post by daniel_spain »

Frank Dux wrote:
> Keen to watch the development unfold on this project.
> I trust this will be the post to view future progress on it.

yes.... actually made huge strides yesterday in deciding to allow the map levels to be editable with an in-game editor then went ahead and decided to implement a full editing system so now Classes, Maps, Items, and Monsters now have an in-game editor option by utilizing "S" from the main game menu. i am going to be looking at putting a major bbs 6.25 system online to function as a demo test system so not only can you read about development but can go and see it and try it out for yourself.

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