New Mutants-Like Add-on!

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New Mutants-Like Add-on!

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so you cannot beat em ....... join em! well my emails/searches and whatnots over the years all hit brick walls in terms of mutants and I them sat my sights on "Kylon's World" which was modeled after mutants but was a bbs door game, and that author I did find but he said he has some plans for his source so I have decided to write "Arcadia" which is my own take on Mutants where you will have been thrown in the Arcadian Prison which is a 1000 level dungeon deep beneath a great castle located in Arcadia. The goal, like in mutants is to get to level 1000 by going up each level only when you get to level 1000 you will then be in the castle and get another 25 (elite-like) levels to Get to the castle top and defeat the "bad guy" along the way you too will encounter monsters, other users, puzzles, locks, traps, items, the whole nine yards.
In this game I am taking a more "fantasy" approach with the game releasing with 4 classes "Warrior, Thief, Mage, and Priest" with more planned for future releases. and the best news yet is I will be releasing tis for major bbs 6.xx first (easier to port up than down) so it will be quite a large new ip for the major bbs. if someone has a major bbs online and wanna be an official test site drop me an inbox, the more players the better.

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Re: New Mutants-Like Add-on!

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Great, thanks Dan.
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