MBBS v10 Open Beta is here!

Announcements on The Major BBS v10
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MBBS v10 Open Beta is here!

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Hi All,

An exciting milestone for the project has been reached as we are making the beta version of The MajorBBS v10 available publicly.

This is an in-place upgrade for Worldgroup v3.2 or Worldgroup v3.3 systems and a standalone installer is under development. The installer requires Windows Server 2008 or later (including Windows 7 , 8 and 10) and should be installed on systems that have the latest Windows updates.

There are a number of known issues which are listed (along with other important information) in the README file, please take the time to read this before running the upgrade.

Of note is that there are breaking changes such as the removal of ActiveHTML and Client Server (C/S) support.

Thanks to all the community members that has been involved in getting us to this point, including the Sysops that have been testing the closed beta, your assistance has been greatly appreciated!

The installer file is located at: www.themajorbbs.com/files
-- Duckula

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