In memory of Tim Stryker (1954-1996)

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In memory of Tim Stryker (1954-1996)

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On this day 25 years ago (6th August 1996) we sadly lost the brainchild behind The Major BBS, Tim Stryker.

In 1986 Tim designed the Galacticomm Software Breakthrough Library and what would later become The Major BBS was born to showcase it's power. As the BBS scene thrived across the world, Tim, alongside Scott Brinker guided the product to become a huge success.

Tim's technical genius combined with his passion for superdemocracy remained central to the direction of the products the Galacticomm team developed.

His work had a significant impact on the BBS scene and inspired many people around the world, including myself. This impact remains today as is evident with the existence of this community.

On what is a somber occassion I pay tribute to Tim and the outstanding contributions he made to his field.

Rest in peace.
-- Duckula

// Site admin
// Galacticomm IP owner

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