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Kyrandia (Fantasy-world)

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Good morning! Elwynor Technologies has released v7.1 of Kyrandia (Fantasy-world). Available for download on and website (when it's back on)

You will travel to the world of Kyrandia, a fairy tale land of magic and
mystery, realm of the beautiful and powerful goddess of Kyrandia, Tashanna,
the "Lady of Legends." Here, you begin as a young apprentice from a small
village who seeks to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and power, with high hopes of
being granted the title of "Arch-Mage of Legends" -- the mightiest wizard of
Kyrandia! To achieve your goal, you must cross the lands of Kyrandia, face
unknown perils, solve mystical enigmas, battle rivalrous mages, and conqueror
your own mind, body, and soul.

Time has stood still for too long on Kyrandia -- now is the time for one mage
to rise above and master the powers of sorcery and magic.


Kyrandia (Fantasy-world) is a multi-player interactive game in which many
players can adventure with each other in the same simulated adventure world.
Players can help one another, engage in battle, trade information, or just
"shoot the breeze."

Kyrandia takes place in the world of Kyrandia, the realm of the goddess
Tashanna. In many ways, Kyrandia is the culmination of learning and growth
by the authors after building the Peyennuu-based games (Quest for Magic,
Quest of the Alchemists, Alchemy II: The Hangover, Quest for Sorcery, and
Quest for Sorcery II).

The object of the game is to grow, solve puzzles, and become the first
"Arch-Mage of Legends" on the system.


To move about in Kyrandia, type the direction you want your character to go
(north, south, east or west). You can speak with other players using action
verbs. For example, if you were to type "say hello there", other players at
the same location would see "hello there." You may pick up objects and do
things with them. You can look at your current surroundings or other players.
Almost any mundane action you can think of can be performed.

However, the world of Kyrandia is much, much more. The underlying theme of
the entire game is the use of magic. Similar in concept to the popular role-
playing game "Dungeons & Dragons," players are "magic-users" who start at
level 1 (Apprentice) and advance to higher levels and more powerful magic.


Spells are magic cast by players, sometimes at objects or other players. To
cast a spell a player must first have it memorized. He must also have enough
spell points to cast it, and must be of high enough level for certain spells.
Also, some spells require the player to have certain components (objects) to
cast them. To actually cast the spell, a player must type "cast" and then the
secret incantation of the spell to be cast; sometimes, a direct object must be
included as well, such as "at the elf".

The physical strength and endurance of a player is determined by his "hit
points." A player's hit points increase as he gains levels or by magical
means. It is through hit points that most players battle each other; when a
player's hit points reach 0, he is killed, and must start from scratch at the
beginning again.

To see what spells you have memorized and how many spell points you have, type
"spells". To see how many hit points you have, type "hits". To see what
objects you are holding, type "inv". And if you need it, type "help".


Kyrandia has three message files. Within ELWKYRM, you can input your game
activation code, define the key required to play the game, and decide whether
to allow users to exchange Kyrandia gold for BBS credits. There are also
some solution strings in level 4, and general text blocks in level 6. The
other two files customize location text (ELWKYRL.MSG) and SysOp editor text


Simply unzip the archive to your Worldgroup server directory, add
it to your menu, configure the MSG file to your liking, and start
Worldgroup! It's that easy!

To activate the module, edit the MSG file and enter your Activation
Code, if you have one. If you don't, it will run for 14 days
without one. To get a code, contact Elwynor Technologies at:


Kyrandia was one of a series of 7 text-based adventure RPGs written by Scott
Brinker. It is the culmination of work begun with the Quest for Magic game,
which itself was based upon Fazuul by Tim Stryker, which at the time, was
mired in copyright issues as it was written pre-Galacticomm for a client. It
is set in a new world and had far more complexity than its predecessors. It
was a very popular module throughout The Major BBS era from version 5 through
Worldgroup. Toward the end of the Galacticomm era the focus on add-on modules

The game was the focus of legal controversy. A licensee of the module was
affiliated with Westwood Studios, a video game company. In 1992, that company
released a game The Legend of Kyrandia, followed in 1993 by Legend of Kyrandia
Book Two: The Hand of Fate and in 1994 by Book 3 Malcolm's Revenge. The games
clearly took the name and some of the solutions (changing gem names, end
target to King, etc.). Galacticomm initially hired legal counsel, but as it
dragged on, with Galacticomm's financial situation deteriorating, the suit was
dropped due to the cost. Very disappointing as the games were successful (and
rather good!) but Galacticomm, Scott Brinker, and Richard Skurnick received
nothing despite the obvious theft.

Kyrandia was acquired by Elwynor Technologies in 2005 along with the rest of
the Galacticomm intellectual property. It was fully ported to Worldgroup 3.2
in April 2021.
Founder, The Major BBS Restoration Project
Owner, Elwynor Technologies ISV
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