New MUD for Worldgroup

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New MUD for Worldgroup

Post by daniel_spain »

so i was in a convo last week about majormud and someone brought up a good idea. sure we all run around trying to bring all these oldies back to life and keep them going but notice no new ip has surfaced in ions. We know the interest is there for sysops to run systems, and users to play games so it amazes me nothing new has surfaced. Sure i got my own Mutants-type game going "Arcadian Legends" and even my own Lord-like game in the works "Parasalm Realms" but i am referring to something with a persistent always-on world like Tele-Arena, MajorMud, etc.... i had my own project in paper design stages where i was more sci-fi esque where when landed on a planet you walk around and interact like you do in a traditional mud, but also when in space in a ship you travel sector to sector like tw battling and trading at star ports and you can even own your own planet where you control the interface like strategy games where you designate people to manafacture and build and can even access your own map editor and create your city on your planet complete with shops where you set prices and control your own planets economy, and as cool as that sounds that is probably 2 years out if that. So i ask what is really stopping new ip from popping because i know the creative minds are here, the development knowledge is here, and something could really be built to be a flagship launch game for this upcoming major bbs v10 hell you could even make it so it only inits under v10+ and with enough customization options sysops could really attune their game. so anyone wanting to build a new mud for wg inbox me, lets see what we can come up with.
i already have my own engine that uses an sqlite backend, all we need is some ideas to watch it grow.

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Re: New MUD for Worldgroup

Post by Questman »

Ha - I had the same idea, to combine world exploration (like a MUD) with space exploration (like space games)

Right now focus is on the existing because that's what drives the platform, but new stuff is good too.
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