WorldLink Setup Guide

Information relating to WorldLink which enables interconnection between BBSes
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WorldLink Setup Guide

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This guide assumes your WorldGroup 3.x BBS is already configured and is accessible.
Before starting, please verify that your WorldGroup BBS has proper DNS resolution by typing "/host" at a prompt in your BBS. If the BBS returns with the IP address you are ready to continue.

If you haven't yet go to the File section and download the "Update WorldLink Teleconference DLL for shared WorldLink chanel"
After shutting down your system, extract the archive and copy the file \wgserv32\galtlcw.DLL to your installed WorldGroup directory. For example, C:\wgserv and overwrite the existing DLL.

Now open up the "General Setup" application and configure the following:

- Scroll to the bottom of the list and expand "WorldLink Scheduler"
- Look through all the settings and configure as needed.
- Pay close attention to the WorldLink ID Type (DOMTYPE).
- HOST = will use a the full qualified name. If your BBS is using a host name hosted by a domain you don't own you will want to select this. For example people using or service.
- DOMAIN = this is an option for people who are using a domain they own.
- VIRTUAL = You can use this option to communicate on WorldLink if you have not setup any DNS services for your BBS. If you select this option you must put in a Virtual Host Name (VHOST.) VHOST is not used when type is set for HOST or DOMAIN.
- Make sure that the Rating (BBSRAT) is set to ADULT.
- Fill out BBSNAM, BBSCIT, BBSSYS. Fill out the other settings that apply to your system. These are used as information ot others on WorldLink.
- Save and close General Setup application.

Next, start your BBS and login with a sysop account and do the following:

- Go into the worldlink dialer. By default it will be in the main menu under the option W.
- Now go into the schedule configuration, pressing S.
- Now edit the phone book. Press E.
- Relace the domain '' with ''
- Set the lo and hi channels to match the range of your Internet channels on your BBS. By default this is set in channel group 1.
- Hold CTRL and hit G to save and go back to the previous screen.
- OPTIONAL: To set the scheduler for 24-7 go through all the days of the week and change the schedule to begin 0000 (12am) and end 2359 (11:59pm)
- Hit X to return back to the main menu.

To connect to WorldLink immediately and not wait for the scheduler hit 'C'. To see if your system has connected to WorldLink type '^U' at the prompt. This is not control+U. If your system is connected you should get a list of other BBS's connected.
To manually disconnect from WorldLink type 'H'

Thanks to community member BadOPCode for putting this guide together!
-- Duckula

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