September 19th 2020 – Gallery page added to site – added some screenshots from the very early releases of The Major BBS (V2.2 to V5.08)

August 25th 2020 – As part of our commitment to provide The Major BBS v6.25 free to all users, we have just released this and it can be download from the files pages (see Please ensure you read the README.TXT file and the licensing agreement.

August 25th 2020 – Update #2 has been posted to on the forums and contains a list of news items so please visit to see the latest news!

August 10th 2020 – It has been great to see the level of interest in just a few days, with the forums starting to pickup and emails coming in! If you haven’t already joined the forums, please do as it will provide you with the most up to date information as well as an opportunity to have your input. Data from the old forums has been migrated an preserved for historical purposes and be accessed (read-only) at

Updates will be posted in the Announcements board of the new forums and a summary will also be posted here. We are planning on posting updates approximately every two weeks (or as close to this as possible).

August 6th 2020 – New website and forums launched along with Project Phoenix announced!